Our History

It has been 27 years cultivating the sweetness of tradition and strengthening the Colombian identity in the mountains of Boyaca.

In the year 94 the Doña Panela family realizes the dream of innovating the usual consumption of panela with a practical and instant cube, naturally feeding Colombia and the world.

Why Doña Panela? In Colombia, the expressions "Don" and "Doña" are ways of treating with respect. Our essence arises from the idea of identifying ourselves as a brand that provides security and confidence in agribusiness and consumers in our country; day by day we continue to work for it and we will achieve it.


Doña Panela

1994- 2021


Materialization of a dream

An innovative product is born from Chitaraque – Boyacá for the world, a star product: panela in the form of natural cubes and lemon flavor, preserving the origin and tradition of
Orange, Cinnamon, Peppermint. Flavors that come to be part of the Doña Panela family, under the slogan "Always good… cold or hot ̈
We arrived stomping! to the Capital, submerged
Doña Panela opens its distribution from the city of Bogotá and is ready to be part of the palate of all Colombians, entering the big leagues is coded with its portfolio of natural and flavored cubes in the Cafam supermarket chain. The first of many…
We got the parcero!
A commercial alliance arises with the Antioquian company Megamarket, with whom Doña panela has grown shoulder to shoulder; the most beloved and loyal customer to date, without a doubt. Boyacense flavor in paisa territory.
Start a new century with a new product!
The company proudly presents its new product: "Doña Panela always good in your pocket" sachet presentation of 10 grams per 25 sachets, flavor of lemon, mint and cinnamon.
To conquer the world was said!
Doña Panela in collaboration with the University of Los Andes starts an export project and makes her first steps by sending panela to our Colombians in Venezuela, Spain and the United States.
Distinction to our essence.
The natural sprayed panela changes dress and presentation, less block more flavor.
We got married!
It originates the perfect blend of Colombian coffee with the always good … hot or cold Doña Panela, a couple who create the caf&panela brand.
Recognition of our effort!
Doña panela receives the iso 9001 quality process certification and in its organic products: USDA, JAS, EU and Organic Agriculture Certificates.
We do not merge with the world of Tea!
Doña Panela enters the tea market, developing a delicious and healthy powder blend of black tea with panela, thus Panel Tea was born! in peach and lemon flavors.
After 15 years of experience we changed our suits!
Doña panela changes and refreshes her image, without losing her essence and tradition.
Looking to conquer Germany in Anuga!
After attending as a spectator at the largest food fair in the world in Cologne, Germany, Doña Panela participates for the first time as an exhibitor under the COLOMBIA brand and with the support of Procolombia.
Doña panela conquering new markets in new continents.
We turned 20!
And how quickly time passes, 20 years that were celebrated in a big way with all those who to date have been part of this project called Doña Panela.
Doña panela in the world!
Thanks to the work of the export and logistics team, participation in fairs and the heart and hands of sugarcane growers, panela producers and all our collaborators; Doña Panela achieves in 2015 the best fruits, yes sir!, export projects built since years ago were consolidated: sweeten hearts in the United States, Argentina, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, England, South Korea, Japan and Australia with the best panela – Doña panela.
Alliances with friends!
Doña Panela undertakes a very ambitious project seeking to improve its productive conditions with the producers of the region, generates PRODUCTIVE ALLIANCES to diversify the panela, thus includes projects of new paneleros such as those of the Arhuacos of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, in addition to the families of the Suarez river hole.
Silver Jubilee!
And with 25 years full of experience, new challenges and goals are undertaken, changing Doña panela from: always good… hot or cold to Doña Panela always good!…
Always good with her country, always good with her friends, always good with her partners, always good with the state, always good with humanity, always good with the environment and ALWAYS GOOD with everyone.
The night of celebration continues to offer surprises, the new generations of the Doña Panela family want to start the idea of creating a "founding".
Doña Panela Siempre Buena!
Doña Panela Foundation! It is a reality that is legally constituted.
And it is a year of change in humanity, the work of the team who with their arduous and unwavering commitment manages to get ahead persevering with the courage, strength and energy that our panela provides.
Long ago projects were consolidated with wonderful companies, which trust in the potential of the Doña Panela family.
The expansion and improvement of infrastructure in the production plant was also initiated and without a doubt it is the best year for exports.
and we continue to grow and innovate!
Doña Panela specializes, today it offers fruit and herbal infusions, natural sweetener, coffee caf & panela, refreshing drinks panel ice, aromatic panela and panel tea. It has new colors, new flavors and new shapes, but always traditionally natural.

Coming up!

Kosher certifications and new products.