Sweetening since 1994

Our panela is produced with passion for your delight



Our panela is produced in
an artisanal way, GUARANTEEING ITS AROMA,


With our region

Committed to improving the quality of life of our peasants, linking tradition, agriculture and research to education; by culturizing and showing our efforts to consumers, we generate sustainable projects over time.

Through a clean production we guarantee the quality and ancestral flavor of colombian panela, it is ideal as a secret ingredient for your recipes in addition to its infinite uses, benefits and properties for your well-being

Like this

We sweeten ourselves


Between reeds and trapiches began a great story. A sweet peasant woman started a walk. With pride and distinction today we are dressed in glory. With its tender hat its skirt and espadrille

Instant drink

Panel Ice is a delicious instant drink made with the most exquisite tropical flavors of Colombia, sweetened with the best panela, refreshing any occasion and providing the energy your body needs

Flavors Tea in Sachets

Assorted flavors! allow you to enjoy a delicious taste at any time and in any place for its practical and portable presentation

Flavors Tea in Cubes

Find them in different flavors, they are ideal to harmonize any time of the day, it is the perfect combination between fruity and herbal flavors with the warmth and sweetness of our panela.

Coffee With Panela


The perfect blend with Colombian coffee, an ideal combination of the flavors of our land, an instant cube is the ideal dose of the typical Colombian red sweetened with the traditional flavor of our panela

Our product is available anywhere in the world!

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